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Tree Services

Tree Surgery

Are you looking for professional and fully-certified tree surgeons? If so, you’ve found the answer with Brown Oak Trees & Landscapes! With over 16 years of experience in tree care, we provide vital tree surgery services including Tree Felling, Reductions, Pollarding, Crown Lifting, Stump Grinding and more, making us green space specialists. Our friendly, fully-qualified and professional team can provide the best care possible for your trees, so contact us today for a FREE no-obligation quote!


What is tree surgery?

Whether you have diseased trees, trees blocking your views, or you want to ensure that they are properly cared for – tree surgery is the answer. A tree surgeon is responsible for the care, treatment and maintenance of trees to keep them healthy, safe and protected. Our team are fully qualified and has all relevant NPTC qualifications. Our range of tree care services includes:

Identifying hazards posed by trees

Assessing tree health and treatment

Tree felling (cutting down trees)

Tree reductions and crown lifting

Tree pollarding

Stump grinding

And much more!

If you require any of the above services, please get in touch with us today for a FREE quote.



16+ Years of Experience

We have over 16 years of experience in both domestic and commercial tree surgery for complete solutions.

Free No-Obligation Quotes

We provide free no-obligation quotes on all our services and offer fantastic, competitive prices.

Fully Certified

We are fully certified with recognised qualifications from the NPTC City & Guilds for your peace of mind.

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Tree Stump Grinding

As professional tree surgeons, another of our most popular services is tree stump grinding. Tree stump grinding is used to grind tree stumps to approximately 6 – 12 inches below ground. This method uses a stump grinding machine which implements a rotating disk to grind the stump into woodchips.

Removes stumps that are potential safety hazards

Provides a more landscaped green space

Stops the spread of disease

Stops pests from spreading to other foliage

Improves the landscape by removing unattractive stumps


Tree Surgery Services

With over 16 years of experience, we are professional and trusted tree surgeons. We deliver tree care services to domestic and commercial clients and provide every type of service you can imagine. Whichever service you require, you can benefit from an individual assessment and a FREE quote based on your precise requirements and budget. Read on to find out more…

Tree Felling

If you have unwanted, damaged or diseased trees on your property, tree felling is the solution you’ve been looking for. Simply put, tree felling is the process of cutting down and removing trees. As leading tree surgeons, we have felled hundreds of trees for a range of reasons. However, the main reasons for tree felling can fit into three categories: safety, disease and aesthetics.

Tree Felling For Safety

Tree felling for safety is the number one reason why trees are cut down. Safety concerns include:

If nearby structures are impacted by a tree or trees

If tree roots are causing subsidence

If trees are unstable

If overhead cables are impacted by a tree or trees

Tree Felling For Disease

Unfortunately, diseased trees can cause harm to the environment. In this instance, professional tree surgeons must be contacted to assess the tree and identify any disease present. In the event of a diseased tree, tree felling can often be the only safe and appropriate resolution.

Tree Felling For Aesthetics

Tree felling to improve the appearance of a landscape or garden is becoming more common across the UK. In this instance, tree felling can be used to prepare for structures to be built, to reduce shade and to provide a more landscaped green space.

Tree Crown Lifting

Are there overhanging or low-hanging trees in your garden or a public area? If so, then tree crown lifting is the solution. Tree crown lifting is the process used to remove selected branches and limbs from the lower section of a tree. Popular in urban areas, tree crown lifting is a specialist service that lets the public and vehicles pass beneath the tree’s canopy safely.

What are the benefits of tree crown lifting?

Improves safety by removing potentially dangerous branches

Creates a higher tree canopy to walk beneath

Increases airflow and light penetration

Improves the aesthetics by delivering a clean, tidy appearance

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Tree Pollarding

One of the best forms of tree care is pollarding. Pollarding is the process of removing the top of a tree at a specific height. As this process involves specialist techniques and machinery, it should only ever be undertaken by qualified tree surgeons. Pollarding is great for trees for many reasons and there are many great benefits to this service.

What are the benefits of tree pollarding?

Encourages healthy, balanced tree growth

Encourages the tree to bear fruit and/or flowers

Removes any dead or diseased branches

Allows for the identification of disease


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